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In his six-book series entitled Hollywood , Stevens combines his qualifications and his inside knowledge of the entertainment field to provide kids and teens with valuable information necessary for success in theater and television. Click to visit Hollywood 's web siteThe Series is divided into three groups of study guides: Commercials, Monologues, and Scenes, each providing guidance for different acting levels. The first book offers step-by-step guide from warm-up exercises, to practice sessions, to auditions. Kids and teens are given advice for succeeding in single-person commercials, gender-specific commercials, group commercials and even public-service announcements.

Stevens discusses the role of the agent, the importance of choosing the right agent, and the importance of proper headshots. The Ultimate Commercial Book includes over practice commercials as well as information on writing resumes that work, learning to "talk" to the camera and how to get a work permit. And, as an added bonus, Stevens includes interviews with experts who provide valuable insight into the industry and tips for acting hopefuls.

Sensational Scenes for Teens : The Scene Studyguide for Teen Actors! (Hollywood 101)

The second book in this group is Carat Commercials for Kids, a compilation of additional practice commercials including 2-person commercials and public-service announcements. Most theatrical play auditions require the memorization of a monologue and Magnificent Monologues for Kids and Magnificent Monologues for Teens were written to provide a variety of monologues just that use. While it is important to be able to learn lines and demonstrate the ability to speak -- either alone or with others in commercials -- kids and teens wishing to perform in theater productions need audition material that truly displays their talents in the best light.

They also need material that is interesting and is something they can relate to. According to Chambers Stevens "Monologues are the easiest dramatic work to audition with. Both Magnificent Monologues books are filled with acting basics and insider tips that Stevens has used to coach thousands over the years.

A variety of comedic and dramatic monologues are included in each book along with bibliographies of great plays for study, and all-important, "need-to-know" showbiz words and definitions.

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