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The history of puppetry in Europe

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You can use this feature to ensure you're able to access your object in cases where this isn't what you might expect it to be. In Marionette, most attributes can be bound on class instantiation in addition to being set when the class is defined. You can use this to bind events, triggers, models, and collections at runtime:.

In this example, the trigger for save:form will no longer be fired, as the trigger for show:link completely overrides it. Marionette can set options when you instantiate a class. This lets you override many class-based attributes when you need to. You can also pass new information specific to the object in question that it can access through special helper methods.

Marionette has a few methods and core functionality that are common to all classes. Current Version v4. Common Marionette Concepts This document covers the basic usage patterns and concepts across Marionette. Application ; However to support backwards compatibility Marionette exports all of its classes and functions on a default object. The Marionette Museum is barrier-free accessible. Museum hours are the same as those of Hohensalzburg Fortress.

The handicapped-accessible Marionette Museum is included with your fortress entrance ticket. Welcome to the Middle Ages! Hohensalzburg Fortress is a powerful symbol and offers a fascinating journey back to the Middle Ages. Peter - the oldest restaurant in Europe. Experience an evening likely to have taken place in Here you will find your ideal accommodations, sightseeing tours of Salzburg, special events and tickets, along with all the benefits of the Salzburg Card. Book your tickets right here:. Red Riding Hood turns her head and pulls her neck.

You can put your words in their mouths and perform a short sketch whenever you look at them. The puppets are hand made from wood with a luxurious velvet finish. Lucky Gnome Buddy Lucky Gnomes are such a beautiful companion inside and out. They look after your household, make great company and you can share your secrets with them.

Just like her husband Joe. Old wizard Old wizard, with a kindly expression, will certainly embellish your interior.

He has long white hair and a beard and wears a long black wizard gown. Superstar marionette dead Jester Superstar marionette dead Jester comes to us straight from the netherworld.

Brilliant and Moving Puppet Theatre

Jesters are here to make us laugh and this one is a master of laughter. Cleaning Lady Margarette Marionette This marionette is a real masterpiece. Original, full of life and emotions. Her face is covered with freckles that are matching with her playful red hair, and her big blue eyes are smiling at you every time you look at her! Bonnie - Professional Dancing Skeleton Marionette Bonnies are the next puppet stars who sing and dance to celebrate the beauty of life Each inch is hand sewn and hand painted.

This Marionette will bring positive energy into your home and she will definitely make you smile. A real masterpiece! She belongs to the Royal Court Czech Marionettes collection. His face is hand painted and his clothes are hand sewn. This Marionette is a real masterpiece! He is a handmade puppet designed and made in Czech Republic. Magnificent decoration for your interior. This handmade marionette will definitely bring a positive mood into your home.

Calven White-haired Elf — romantic marionette Calven Elf girl marionette is a beauty with snow white hair. Cold, ice and snow is also her area of magic. Famous as part of the duo Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid, this outlaw rampaged through the wild west pursued by bounty hunter Wyatt Erp. A loveable rogue whose charm is reflected in his steely gaze. This cowboy puppet has great details, his cigar and hand painted outfit perfectly reflect an outlaw of this time, his gun the perfect finishing touch.

Enjoy re enacting some of the famous shoot outs of the old wild west or simply enjoy him as part of the Might is Right collection. Don Quichotte and Rocinante Horse This very famous character will take your breath away. Our hand carved Don Quichotte Marionette is a real masterpiece and he will bring amazing atmosphere into any collection or interior.

puppet making workshops come and learn how to make marionettes and puppets for animation film

His loyal servant Sancho Panza and his donkey are available as well. Vampire Barnabas — Marionette for Collectors No one else in the world can carve such a beautiful wooden cubist marionette. Only Antony Muller knows the wood and the technique of hand carving this well.

And if you add his skills in anatomy you get this masterpiece. Very detailed puppet with a characteristic face expression and typical black and white outfit. This puppet will definitely bring life into your interior. Dragon Spike — Handcarved Marionette Our beautiful Dragon Spike Marionette is going to draw you into his world full of magic, legends and fairy tales. This absolutely wonderful, unique and very detailed puppet is a real masterpiece.

Dragon Spike is handmade original and he will make you smile everytime you look at him! The smallest marionette in the world - Jester This puppet is the clockwork of one of our great puppeteers. Each cut of this hand-carved puppet must be thought out.

Museums Victoria

Each wood fiber matters! With its funcionality of a proffesional marionette and its precision we can state that this can be done just by couple of people around word.

This marionette comes with stand. Antonio Salieri Marionette Antonio Salieri! One of the greatest composers of his era. Our new marionette puppet sees the return of this master. A wooden hand carved masterpiece for all lovers of classical music, history and Czech marionettes!

Marionette Museum

Each inch is carefully hand carved and hand painted. Fritz — wooden marionette Fritz is a little rascal boy. Hand carved wooden Czech marionette from our new collection - Everlasting Classic. Amadeus L size marionette Amadeus hand carved marionette is a wonderful masterpiece. This marionette is absolutely unique in every way. Unique and rebellion looking puppet will please all of you, who appreciate creativity and alternative ways. Punk couple Marionettes Ramon, Debbie and the coolest dog in the world - Iggy!

Say hello to our punk trio. Czech wooden hand carved marionettes that will touch your heart in no time!