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The hipster-as-historian persona occasionally feels forced—Ohler characterizes Hitler as a junkie and his doctors as dealers a few too many times—but the book is an impressive work of scholarship, with more than two dozen pages of footnotes and the blessing of esteemed World War Two historians A number of books have covered the same material as Ohler, but none have focused as strongly on how pharmaceuticals ran in the blood of the Third Reich He only briefly touches on drug experimentation in concentration camps.

Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich (Hardcover)

There is no other way to put this: Norman Ohler has written a book that is sympathetic to the Nazis In Germany, he writes in Blitzed , the drug 'landed like a bomb, spread like a virus, sold like sliced bread, and was soon as much of a fixture as a cup of coffee. As Ohler knows, there is scant evidence to actually support his remarkable claim Blitzed offers an unnecessary and misguided revision of history, concocted with circumstantial evidence and unsubstantiated claims.

For whether the availability of Pervitin was simply a supplemental aid or whether it provides an essential explanation for the success of the blitzkrieg approach remains an open question. This is a thesis pieced together from a mix of hard evidence and complete speculation.

Ohler makes a strong case that one of the most powerful men on the planet — 'Patient A,' as the dictator was known to his personal physician — became a junkie. Pan Richard J.

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Evans, The Guardian. Ohler goes much further than claiming that methamphetamine was central to the German military effort, however.

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He claims that its use was universal among the civilian population of Germany, too This sweeping generalisation about a nation of 66 to 70 million people has no basis in fact Germans, the author hints, were not really responsible for the support they gave to the Nazi regime, still less for their failure to rise up against it Ohler has a habit of pushing things too far, eschewing nuance for headlines.

He proclaims Pervitin the 'favourite drug' of Germans, when it was only briefly available over the counter. He proclaims Germany a 'land of drugs,' when hard drugs were endemic elsewhere, too Try full access for 4 weeks.

Blitzed By Blessings

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